Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

For those of you who are not on my facebook page, I am sure you are DYING to see the Halloween pictures of the babies. Well, lest I disappoint, I am going to post them. I know that I did my blogs a little out of order, as it has been almost two weeks since Halloween, but, the pictures are cute.

Most of the blog will just be pictures, but I will give you a little set up. Ender went as a cowboy, Severian went as Optimous prime, Katalina went as a Pumpkin Fairy, and I went as a witch, as per Severian's instructions. Ender has already decided what we are going as next year as well. He is going as a Lion ("rawr, Mom, me scare you? Me eat you! rawr!). Severian is going as a ghost, Katalina is going as a princess, and I am apparently going as the wind. And, seeing that sentence, maybe I will go as a character from Gone With The Wind. That would be fun.

Anywho, without further ado, here are the pictures!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello friends! Most of you who are on my Facebook know that I went to go see So You Think You Can Dance. Most of you also know that I was super excited about seeing the show for one reason. Evan Kasprzak. While watching the show I totally fell for him, for a myriad of reasons. A singing, dancing Broadway boy who wears suspenders and glasses? What? Can you BE anymore my type? Pretty sure not. Anyway, it was a really amazing show. I had found out through the grapevine that the dancers do "Meet and Greets" after the show, if you know where to go. (Look at me I'm rhyming). Despite numerous security guards and ushers that swore up and down that they did not do meet and greets for normal people, Ryley and I found out where to go, along with about another 50 people. Because it was so cold outside, and because there were so few people, we were lucky enough to get to go backstage. Yes that is right. BACKSTAGE. At first I thought we were just going to have to stand against the wall inside and hope for the best, but then, wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles, we actually got the whole "backstage" experience. Ry and I managed to meet just about everyone, including, yes that's right. Evan Kasprzak. Well, here is the video:

I didn't video a lot of the Evan experience, because I didn't want to be messing around with the camera. However, I will tell you what happened. I took a picture with him, and then Ry and I went around to everyone else and got pictures and autographs. THEN, before we left, I thought to myself "Why the hellz not?" and I went up to Evan (who looked a little lonely by the way, everyone wanted to see Randi) and I was like "Um. Can I have a hug?" and he said "Sure!" And he totally gave me a hug. So, then we chatted for a minute, and I may have given him a business card for the Bar with my number on the back... and then I shook his hand and, yes that's right folks, I GOT ANOTHER HUG. That is TWO, count'em TWO hugs that I got. From who? Oh yeah, Evan Kasprzak. Here is picture proof:

Cute are we not? I think so. We also met Brandon, Ade, Janette, Jason, Kupono, Melissa, etc, etc. It was really, really neat, and something that I am glad I splurged on. Although, I did feel a little like a 16 year old fan girl. But, you know, we all have our moments. Here are some more pictures of the night:

So yes, all in all, very fun night. Oh wait, what is that? Oh, oh you want to see the picture of me and Evan again? Oh, alright, but only for you guys!

Might I add that I was wearing gray argyle tights (not pictured). Notice how Evan was wearing a gray argyle sweater. Just sayin...just sayin...

Also, I apologize that I did not do a Halloween blog. My camcorder was out of batteries and I was unfortunate enough to discover this fact on Halloween night. I have plenty of pictures, but, seeing how I did not post them, I don't know if it will happen, and next week is Ender's birthday. I will try to get the Halloween pictures up later this week for everyone though! Promise.