Friday, February 27, 2009

I am to Crochet what Yoda is to the Force...or something....

So about two weeks ago my Aunt was in town to see my Grandparents. This was a lot of fun because I love to see my Aunt. I went over to my Grandparents house at one point, and she was making a baby blanket, because my cousin Tracy is having a baby in like, oh, like right now. So anyways, she was making this blanket and I said to myself " I want to learn to crochet!" My Auntie Ann, being awesome, bought me a crochet book that came with hooks, and some yarn so that I could learn how to do it myself. However, I am the type of person that needs to be able to see it visually too so that I know I am doing it correctly.

When I got to a stitch that I needed some clarification on, I thought to myself "hmm..I wonder if there is somewhere I could see this stitch so that I can see how to do it properly..." ENTER YOUTUBE. First, let me just say that I love youtube. There are so many things on there that are not only awesome, they teach you something too. I found a whole youtube channel devoted to crochet! AMAZING HUH?!

So my friends, if YOU would like to be just as awesome as ME, then point your little clickers on this link here:

That is the youtube channel. You can learn all the beginning stitches there, and also learn how to do squares for blankets and hats and such. You can also go to the gals blog here:

And there is a lot more stuff that you can sort through. It really is very awesome. And now, I know how to crochet! WEWT!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

So on Saturday I took the kids to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. I went with my ex-inlaws, Nancy, Colby and Dawn. This excursion was a whole lot of fun. We met up with a friend of Dawn's and her son. The little boy that came with us was also 5 so Sev had a little friend to play with. I had also done Katalina's hair all sorts of cute that day, so I was very excited about life.

When we first got there Severian and Ender were very scared of the big dinosaurs. For the first half of the day Ender refused to be put down. Of course, he looked around and chose the biggest and strongest of all of us, Colby. He stayed with Colby all through the museum until we got to the parts that were interactive.

The Dinosaur Museum is a really good place to take kids to. There was a water "erosion" table, which is basically this big thing of chlorinated water and sand that the kids can build things in and watch how the water "erodes" the sand. There are all sorts of toys in the table to play with, like little dinosaurs and trees. Severian actually made a Dinosaur swimming pool, complete with tropical trees!

There was also a place where the kids could color, and "Build a dinosaur", which is basically where you stick big stuffed legs and heads to a velcro body. This would have been cool, except the velcro was all worn out on the body, so nothing stuck. The kids still had fun coloring and playing with the puzzles though:

They also had little excavation pits for the kids to "uncover" dinosaur bones in:

And a cave that Severian and I climbed into:

It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly, not very expensive. The kids had a blast, and it was highly interactive for them. Even Katalina had a good time!

On a side note, I think Severian and I may have contracted Ebola from the erosion table, cause the next day, we were both very sick with the stomach flu. So, if you are able to steer away from that area without having the little ones play, I would suggest walking past it. Although it smelled strongly of Chlorine, and although we washed our hands thoroughly, I am still pretty sure we contracted baby Ebola from the water. It was NOT good times. I'm just sayin....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Sev-Ism

Today I went shopping after work. Mind you, this means that we go a little later, and we didn't even get to WalMart until about 7 in the PM. Shopping only took about 45 minutes cause I had my Mom with me to help, but at the end of the night, this is what Severian looked like:

He was so tired that he had fallen asleep in the shopping cart! So freaking cute!