Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today my friend Tiff and I had the bright idea to take all our children to Cornbellys' the Corn Maze. Cause, you know, who DOESNT want to go to a corn maze shaped like David Archuletta.

I kid you not. David. Archuletta.

So, we packed her four kids into her car, and my three kids into my car and set off on our adventure. The plan was that I would follow her, and we would have a grand old time. Unfortunately we hit traffic on the freeway...and I lost her car. This was not that huge of a deal because I just figured that we would find each other pretty easily once I got there. This should have been my first clue.

I get to Thanksgiving Point, and I get the kids out of the car. Mind you, going anywhere with all three children is a feat, because there is only one of me, and three of them. AND we were going in the evening, so it was darker out. I put Ender in his stroller, and strap Katalina to my chest in her snugli, and take Severian by the hand. I then go to lock my door.

No Keys.

They were not in my purse, they were not on the ground. I knew they were SOMEWHERE cause I had just driven there! The car wasn't even LOCKED yet and I managed to lose my keys. I know right. Only I would lose my keys before my car was locked. After an extensive search, I finally found them in Katalina's car seat. I don't even know, so don't ask. This should have been my second clue.

After the small trauma of the lost keys, we were ready to go. And ready to have fun! I get up to the ticket counter, and I reach in my bag to pull out my wallet. I look down and my hand is COVERED in blood. Not like, oh just a little bit. No no, COVERED in blood. It was literally dripping off my hand. I know this may be gross, but I am just trying to give you an acurate description of my night. I didn't feel anything, so I thought maybe Kat's nose was bleeding or something. I checked her out, and she was fine, so then I looked at my hand closer. Yeah, it is me. I had about 10 seperate cuts on my fingers. Most were paper cuts, but two were like, huge scrapes. I am pretty sure this happened when I was digging through my purse looking for my keys. So, the lady at the counter tries to help me by giving me one small bandaid, and a clorox disinfecting wipe. ..... ..... It was sweet, because they were just in a little booth so they would have been short on supplies. But still..I just was kind of like...fabulous. This should have been my third clue.

So I walk in all jazzed to try and find Tiff so that I could hand Kat to her, and clean up my hand. But, alas, Tiff and her four beautiful children were no where to be found! This was my fourth and final clue that it would be a slightly stressful event for me. I do not have a problem taking my kids out, but it was nighttime, and dark, so I was stressed about making sure I could always see them. Despite my slight anxiety, the kids had a good time. There were lots of things to do there, and lots of slides and play grounds. There was a bounce house that Severian and Ender jumped around in for about 20 minutes! I have pictures, as per usual...so..here you go...

Severian and Ender going down the big slide. It is blurry, but you get the idea.

I tried to take a family photo of all four of us, but the babies weren't cooperating. And Ender flat out refused, so I got single shots of me and Kat and me and Sev.

That was our night. The kids had a lot of fun and came home happy and tired. Ultimately, that is what matters.

And, Tiff and I decided that next time, we are going to just bake sugar cookies.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I have been thinking a lot lately about my life. The past year my life has been really incredibly rough. However, I have owned up to the challenge I feel, and I am a better person because of the things that I have been through. Although, in theory, life should have jaded me against love and relationships, I am not one to be daunted so easy. What happened to me was not my fault. In fact, I am better for it. Also, I have really come to the conclusion in the last couple of days that I would like to get married again...eventually. I have been thinking, and thinking about it. And, I like this idea. I mean, come on, what girl DOESN'T want to have 2 weddings in their life. What? You want to throw a party where I get to wear a beautiful dress and be the center of attention for a night? ok! DONE!

No, but really, I do want to be married again. I am a big believer that children should have a two parent household. The one thing that I NEVER wanted for them was a broken home. Eventually, I want them to be able to see what a normal relationship is. I also have an overwhelming desire to love, and to be loved, so companionship is something that I want for myself.

On that note, I also realized that, second time around, I can basically HAND PICK the person I would like to be with. While I was daydreaming today I came up with a few things that I would like in a man. So, although this blog got rather sappy to begin with, I am really blogging because I need everyone's help in finding my perfect man. A gal with two jobs and three kids cant do it alone. So, obviously the main quality in a guy would be that he loves kids and treats me and my children well. However, I have come up with a few other things I would like dream dude to have:

#1. Must have accent.

This point is very crucial. Preferably, I would like English to be his second language. (really preferably second to Italian, but I understand I can't have EVERYTHING). There is nothing like "I love you" said with an accent. Nothing.

Seriously girls...I know you are all now in love...how could you NOT be. For realz.

#2. Must love musicals and old movies.

Let's face it. I am a little odd. I like nothing better than to sit at home and watch my movie musicals. I love love LOVE Gene Kelly, and anything with Audrey Hepburn in it. I like other movies, but movies that are artsy fartsy like Amelie. I do not like blood and guts and I do not like horror movies. They stress me out. I also like to to the theater to see my Broadway musicals. So, the man of my dreams must be willing to go to musicals, AND love them.

#3. Must be able to dance..or willing to try to learn

You may remember my memorable posts of "The Rumble" and "Stay Cool Boys". While these posts got sidetracked from the point, the point WAS hot boys dancing. Here is another memorable boy dancing movie:

And another:

You just can't tell me that is not hot! Gene Kelly was amazing, AND hot. Christian Bale is ONLY hot because he can sing and dance. NOT because he is Batman. Sorry.

#4. Must be Quirky.

I am a little odd. I am a big fan of odd. I am a big fan of nerds. I am a big fan of cute nerdy boys who are cute and sweet.

#5. Must be willing to write me notes/give flowers/do cute things

I like to write happy notes and leave them places so that people can find them later. To date, this has never really been done for me. I want a boy who does this for me too. I don't think this is too much to ask! Just a little give and take!

#6. Must Not be Gay

Ok. so most of the things I have listed are attributes of gay men. I KNOW that there is at least one straight man out there that likes these things. I WILL FIND HIM!!! ;)

Anyway, those are some of the things I have been pondering today. Now, your job is to find me a boy like this! Now...GO!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

I want fabulous!

Severian LOVES High School musical. And, secretly, I love it too. So today I decided to take him to go see:

Now, I understand that this may not SOUND like fun, but it was actually a very good time. Mostly because I secretly love High School Musical. My Mom watched the two babies so it was just a Mommy and Severian date to the movies. I bought him popcorn and a drink, and he was very excited to just be able to hang out with me by himself.

He was also highly excited about the popcorn

It is so cute to take Severian to the movies because first of all, he is to little to keep the movie seats down. So, he ends up sitting with the chair half folded on top of him. He is also very much my child, and loves musicals. When the show started, of course there was an opening musical number. One thing that I will say about this show is that it was very well choreographed, and the songs were generic, but jazzy nonetheless. When the songs would come on, Severian would start dancing and jamming out to the music. A couple of times he even started humming with the tune. It was pretty darn cute.

As a whole, the movie was highly cheesy. There was one part where Zac Effron asks whats her face to the prom. Because you know, it is High School, and there are proms. He says to her "I won't have to waltz will I, because I wouldn't know where to begin" or something to that effect. She replies with "I only know what my Dad taught me, he used to dance around the living room while I stood on his feet" (PLEASE don't ask me WHY I remember this cheesy dialogue. I don't want to talk about it). They laugh, and then start singing a song. Because you know, that's what you do. Not only do they start singing, but they start an intricate waltz number! I thought that was a little much considering they were talking about how they CAN'T waltz.

Severian became very invested in Zac Effron and whats her faces relationship. He was NOT happy when whats her face moved or whatever. He kept asking me why she didn't want to live with Zac Effron anymore. I tried very hard to explain to him that they were in high school, and therefore, were not living together. He didn't really get it. But, he is four, so, you know.

Like I said before, the dance numbers were actually very good, and very enjoyable to watch. I do love a good musical, and as such, it is SUPPOSED to be cheesy. There were a few one liners that made me giggle, and one part that I actually laughed pretty hard. All in all, it was very fun. It was so worth it to watch Severian jam out to the songs and cheer when everyone else cheered.

Now, some of you may know, but I was actually IN High School Musical 3. That is right my friends, I sat filming a crowd scene for 12 HOURS! It was neat though, because I did get to see all the stars. I was rewarded tonight because I could see me in the show. I was the little dot in the opening crowd scene. Yep. I am basically a movie star. Just sayin.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Kid Pumpkin Carving 2008

To start out, originally I was going to call this post "Adult Pumpkin Carving 2008". But, then I thought about it, and I thought that it sounded like a XXX rated video. So, I just decided to blog about it. Because, it was pretty funny.

Pumpkin Carving YAY! Generally, this is done with small children running around throwing pumpkin guts at each other. Last night, however, I went over to my friends Jacob Ben and Paul's house, as they were having a pumpkin carving party. Everyone loves to carve a pumpkin right? This was actually really fun. Jacob has a really fabulous kitchen, so we were able to cover the counter with newspaper and take out all our aggression on the poor defenseless gourds. Here are some action carving shots:

LeAnn and I decided that we were going to carve a pumpkin together. Mostly because we only brought one pumpkin. This is the finished product:

Have you guessed what our pumpkin is yet? I mean, after all, it was a work of art! Here is a close up:

Do you see it? Can you tell what it is? It is Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage! DUH!!!!! There are the whimsical wheels and everything! It was actually really hard to cut. There were lots of little bits that required a lot of skillz, which neither of us had. So, I just kind of started cutting and making up my own pattern, and this is what we got. I think if a candle is put in it, then it will be alright. I left it at Jacob's because I don't have a porch, and therefore, cant display pumpkins. This really sux, but at least I know that my pumpkin found a good home.

I was a little sad cause I wanted my babies with me. But, we are going to carve pumpkins next week. And by carve, I mean paint. Last year when we carved pumpkins Severian wouldn't go NEAR the guts. If he wants to carve then we will, but, I thought this year we would have more fun painting.

That is it for now! I will post Kiddie Pumpkin Carving 2008 as soon as it happens!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!

Occasionally I will have really good days where I am feeling highly ambitious. Yesterday was one of those days. I went and picked the kids up from daycare, and then came home and made dinner. After dinner I decided it would be a good idea to make chocolate chip banana bread! Mostly because I had three bananas that were V-E-R-Y ripe, so it was either make some banana bread, or throw them out. I decided to make banana bread.

Now, the recipe I have for banana bread is very easy. I am too lazy to get the recipe right now, cause it is 11:30 at night, but I assure you, it is easy. "What" you say? "why post a blog without the recipe?" Well. Because I feel like blogging, and I DONT feel like getting the recipe right this second! I will post it later in the comments if you all want it. You basically mash bananas put in some flour, sugar, eggs, butter and stuff, and voila! Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!

Severian and Ender were really excited because they love to help dump the chocolate chips and the flour and sugar in. Severian said to me "I have an idea Mom. I will go color, and you call me when it is my turn to do my job!" He was so excited about this idea. He thought it was the greatest idea ever. Once I called him though, Ender ran over and jumped on the chair, so Severian graciously let Ender dump the flour and the sugar into the bowl. Then, they both dumped the chocolate chips in:

I dumped half the chocolate chips into the measuring cup so that they didn't fight over who would dump them into the mix. Then, an hour later.. VOILA banana bread!

It turned out really good! The best is when it is right out of the oven and you can eat it hot. The kids had gone to lay down by the time the bread was done, but I took them each a slice, and it was so cute so see them sit and watch Blues Clues while they ate the bread. I am literally the luckiest person in the world.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He has a new haircut, oh it's so cool...

So, my sweet middle child Ender has lusciously curly hair. He also has big blue eyes, long eyelashes, and pink cheeks. This is generally a good combination. However, recently his hair has reached epic lengths. It was almost down to his shoulders, and when he woke up it was a swirl of curls and tangles. The other day we were out, and Ender was dressed all in blue. We were going down some steps when I heard the lady behind us tell her six year old daughter "Careful of the little girl honey, she is smaller than you." Let me remind you, he was wearing ALL BLUE. This was when I decided to take some action.

My previous haircut experiences with the boys have not been pleasant. It usually includes a lot of tears and screaming, and the hairstylist ends up slicing her hand open a few times. Also, Ender's hair is so freaking cute, that I refuse to buzz it, or crop it short. This left me with no option but to cut it myself. I mean, it can't be that hard right? I have seen the stylists cut hair for like what? 26 years now? I am basically a pro.

So, I got it in my head that I was going to cut Ender's hair. Polygamist mothers do it, I can do it to. Severian and Katalina were both asleep, so I figured that I could just focus on Ender and cut his hair. I gave him an old compact of mine with some blush in it so that he was pre-occupied, and I started looking around for my scissors. Now, I used to have shears, but of course I couldn't find them. I also could not find just normal scissors. All I had were Severian's saftey scissors...

Yes. I cut my child's hair with safety scissors....with green handles. SNAP!

Ender was actually very good through the whole process. He just played with the blush that I gave him and let me get his hair wet and fuss with it and cut it. I cut maybe an inch and a half to two inches off of his hair. This is a before pic from about two weeks ago:

And these are the after pics:

All in all, I don't think that I did a TERRIBLE job. I think the curls saved me from a major disaster because they hide any of the uneven parts. AND, he still has some curls, and doesn't look like a total girl! good times!!!

And, you know, if y'all want some awesome haircutting SKILLZ just let me know...ill share some tips. Cause I am awesome like that...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I want to play in the snow!

So, like I said before, we had a lot of fun this past weekend! On Sunday we went with my entire family up to Snowbird to ride the tram. They had a special where if you brought a can of food, you could get a free tram ride! This was really great because one of my favorite things is to see the leaves change during Fall. The drive up to Snowbird was beautiful and the mountainside was aglow with red, orange and yellow leaves!

Severian was very excited to be riding the tram, even though everyone was really packed in. We were lucky enough to be able to be right by the window. Mostly because when I got on I stood right by the door so that Severian would have a window to look out of. The tram is really fun, but it also makes me really nervous. I am unsure why, but I always just have this horrible image of the tram hanging there and everyone screaming. It does not help my anxiety that every time the tram goes over the little pulley system it dips and sways. Everyone would go "whoa!" and then laugh! The view was beautiful though, so that made it worth it! Here is the video of the tram ride:

Severian was very excited about the prospect of playing in the snow at the top of the mountain. The idea sounds good, but when we got up there we found that there was snow...but there was mostly mud. However, there was a small patch of snow that the kids and I played in. Mostly, they threw snowballs at me. Ender also found a huge puddle of mud, and he was very upset when I didn't let him play with it. I stepped away to go to the bathroom at one point, and when I came back, Ender was coated in mud from his waist down. My mom looked at me and was like "What?! He had fun! Little boys are supposed to play in mud!" Yeah. Thanks. (hehe just kidding Mom it was cute!).

I had bundled the kids up all nice and warm for our trip up to the top of the mountain. I was a little overenthusiastic with Katalina's attire. She had on a long sleeve shirt, a hooded jacket with the hood up over her head, socks, a blanket, and, finally, a big fluffy winter hat to keep her little head warm. Have you ever seen pictures of cats after they have gotten wet? Or when they are really irritated? Well, that is what Katalina looked like after She was all bundled up and put in the stroller. She was none too happy with me. Here is a picture:

Eventually she managed to pull the winter hat off her head. After she accomplished this most extraordinary feat, she had a huge smile on her face. Through the rest of the day she also managed to kick off her blanket, and take her socks off. Once she was totally free she was kicking and cooing and giggling her little head off. Apparently she doesn't mind the cold....this is the mud puddle, and Kat pulling off her socks:

Here is all of us on top of the mountain:

On the tram ride down, my Mom held Severian while he stuck his head out of this open window on the tram. He was facing the front, so he was like a little puppy getting windblown. It was so freaking cute.

After the tram ride Mike, Severian and I rode the Alpine Slide. For those of you who don't know, Mike is my brother. Mike also is absolutely fearless. Now, you may not think that the Alpine slide is that scary, but my brother took this slide at such breakneck speed that, even though we started the slide together, by the time I got to the end he was already off his sled and almost to the top of the hill to meet my parents. In the video it doesn't look like he is going very fast, but I assure you, he did. You can even hear my Dad laugh because we were so far behind Mike.

All in all it was a very fun day! We had a great weekend and came home and crashed. Tomorrow I will detail the amazing haircut that I gave Ender. Yes. That I gave to my child. Thrilling I know..but I promise there is a story behind it! WEWT!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!

This weekend has been crazy busy! I feel like I have been going non stop since 7 AM Saturday morning! We have had a really fun weekend though. I only get the kids every other weekend, and now I am working till 3:30 on Saturday, so sometimes I feel like we have to pack everything into that timeframe. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. However, this time it worked! Yay!

Yesterday I got off work and my Mom and I took the kids to Maceys cause they were having a free Octoberfest party there. We mainly went because they had promised face painting. Alas, the face painting booth was closed, but they did have a bunch of those blow up bounce house things that the boys played in. That was much fun. The boys got Carmel Apples, and my Mom and I got scones. This was all FREE, and I happen to love FREE, so it was awesome. This is me and Ender dancing:

After we went to Maceys, I took the kids to get pumpkins at a pumpkin patch! If you have not gotten pumpkins yet, I highly recommend this place. It is on 9000th south and about 2000th west. I always used to drive by it when we lived in the apartments near there, and I always wanted to go. This year, I made it a point to go there. It was quite the experience!

There is a big field filled with pumpkins. You do have to do some searching cause many of them have been eaten by bugs, or are going rotten. However, the ones that you do find are great. I have a video, but for some reason the quality was not as good as it usually is. But you can still get the idea:

Once we found our pumpkins, we went to buy them. They were actually a bit cheaper than those in the grocery store! Plus, it was a local farm so they had apples that they had grown, and local honey, which I thought was kind of neat. The kids each wanted an apple, and we walked out of the farm with two pumpkins, and Sev and Ender were eating an apple. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. It really felt like Fall. And, it almost felt like we had just gone to an old school country fair. The boys munched the apples until there was nothing left! And, as we were driving home, Severian sang "If your happy and you know it" in the back seat of the car. After we got pumpkins we went to get ice cream to end out the night. It was very fun! And that was only half of the weekend!

And, because it is the title of the post:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

OUUUT Tonight!

So last night my good friend Ryley managed to convince me that I wanted to go out with her. Friday night is Karaoke night at Sandy Station (also called Club Allure but I think that name is stupid)so, although I had just worked a ten hour day, and had to be to work by seven in the AM the next morning, I went out with Ry. I just CANT turn down singing Out Tonight at Karaoke!

Generally, I don't really like Sandy Station. Ryley has been going there for a long time, and she knows everyone. However, it is a little loud for me, and it is a dance club. I like to dance, but my dancing tends to be more of the "modern" dancing (or infamous Pantomime dance) and not of the clubbing variety. So, I tend to feel really out of place when I go. However, I have gone with Ryley a few times recently, so I am getting much more comfortable being there.

Last night I was relaxed enough to start noticing some things about the place. For one thing, there was the mandatory Cougar. By Cougar I mean older lady (this one was about 50 or 60) who goes to a bar and hits on the younger guys. This particular one was wearing a full body black spandex body suit with a leopard print jacket over top, and high heel shoes. No. I am so NOT making this up. Full. Body. Spandex. Body. Suit. I kid you not. She was also totally getting jiggy with it on the dance floor with some dude. I must admire her for it. Although we young people think that it is weird, I was thinking about it, and I thought that you really must have to have a good self esteem to go out in that outfit. So props to her.

On the other side of the coin we had the token MILF in the club yesterday. She was pretty, she had huge boobs, and was there with, what I suspect was her daughter and daughters friends. Mom. I love you, but if you came to the club with me and got on the stage and started dancing. I WOULD have to kill you. Just saying. I suppose this works for some Mother Daughter teams though however, and I am sure they had fun.

Another person that I just thought was really neat was the blind guy. He has been there most of the times I have gone, and I have a lot of respect for him. He carries his walking stick and maneuvers out to the middle of the dance floor. He will then start jamming out. The dude seriously gets more girls than most the guys in there. He is cute, and every girl loves the blind guy!

I also noticed there was the token nerd, who cant dance, and ends up looking like a fool...oh wait...that was me...CRAP...scratch that....no really though. I can't loosen up on the dance floor, and when I finally do, I have this odd and uncontrollable urge to start modern dancing to the rap song playing. It is not a good thing. That, or my pantomime dance. Cause it is awesome. AND, I do hold the 1999 state championship title in Pantomime. I kid you not. Cause, I am THAT cool. I give you all permission to worship...

Anyway, that is what I noticed on my trip to the club! People are funny, and at first glance, you may be like, ew, they are wierd! But, on the whole, they are just another person trying to get through life. You have to give them props for daring to be who they want to be, and not asking for acceptance. I aspire to be that way.

anywho, here are some pics of the night! WEWT!

This is Ry and I...duh...

This is Megan rocking the heck out of Karaoke. I went next. I HAD video of it, but, I cant figure out how to get it from my phone to the computer. Soooo that pretty much sux. Maybe you will all get a video of my singing later. Cause I know you are on the edge of your seats. Right? RIGHT?!

And, last, but not least, me Ry, and Megan

It was fun, and I was tired, but I made it to work on time! That is what matters right?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I hope you Dance!

So, as per usual I have grand plans of falling asleep early. And, as per usual, I end up staying up late perusing the internet and taking a bath. yeah well. such is life. I am not going to blog very much today, but I did want to post a video of the babies dancing. It is pretty darn cute:

There will be more to come! Saturday afternoon I am taking the kids out to a pumpkin patch so they can get their pumpkins. I am also going to take them to get costumes! yay!! Severian is excited. I will have more later, but for now, watch how my children perfectly coordinate their steps. They could be in Swan Lake!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stay Cool Boys!

Alright everyone, I know that my blog has been quite the epic blog for the past few days, however, I just wanted to take a moment to say this:

Alright...now that we are all cool...I would like to take a moment to respond to everything. Sarah, I understand that you will probably never post on my blog again. This is a shame, because my blog rating went from 5 hits a day to 123 a day..really..you are helping me in my goal to be internet famous. Even though I don't think you will ever post again, I know that you will continue to read it, and I want you to know that you are always welcome to voice your comments. I will never censor any of your posts, nor will I delete them. Just keep in mind that, as you have been shown by many of my good friends, this is MY turf, so be ready for any comment you may get back.

Now, I understand the reason you posted on my blog was to let me know that you were going to take work off to watch my children. I also understand that some part of you probably wants props for that. So, this is the section where you will get it. I really believe that you care for my children, despite the whole breaking up my family and making their lives hard thing. I also appreciate that you were willing to take work off to watch the babies if they ended up not being able to go back to daycare. So, for that I thank you.

Upon further conversing with my parents, I found that they did know exactly why you were there. However, that was not the main issue. It was not that they did not BOTHER to ask, it was that, frankly, no one cares. Here wait...I will illustrate it for you...

As my good friend Dan has pointed out, there is a car you came in, stay in it. You need to think before you act when it comes to hot button issues. This is not about you. Let me say it again, this is not about you. This is about what is best, overall, for my children. You made a mistake on Monday by coming in as though you were part of the decision making process. That is not your role.

Now, I am considering this issue closed. Everyone is welcome to still comment on this post, or "The Rumble". This is an open forum, and everyone, including you Sarah, and even you Ian, is welcome to comment. If you feel wronged, or need to clarify, please do so. Just remember that you will probably get pwned many times over. Just sayin....

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Rumble

So...most of you know that my Mom is a pretty cool lady. Well, the cliff notes version of the day is that Kat had to go to the Doctor. Ian "couldnt take her" so my Mom did. Well, Ian AND Sarah ended up showing up at the doctors office TOGETHER. I wasn't there, so I dont know all the details. I know that Doctor Jones about fell off his chair. Also, this was the first time my Mom had ever met Sarah...so...it through her and my Dad for quite a loop. In my mind, this is what the rumble would have looked like:

Because rumbles should always be perfectly coordinated by hot boys in tight jeans.

That is it for now...more to come!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Girls Night

So, my friend from work, LeAnn, turned 21 today. (WEWT!) Yesterday I was lucky enough to get dressed up and go out to dinner with her, and her friend Amber. This was highly fun times. As a general rule, I like to dress up and go out just because I can. I will never pass over an opportunity to wear a formal, even if I have to just go out to the grocery store to buy some toothpaste. They dont know. I MAY have a hot date and my breath may need to smell good!

Anyway..back to the point...GIRLS NIGHT YAY! So, first I went over to LeAnn's house to get ready:

Once we were ready for the town we went to Biagi's, which is this really good restaurant in the Gateway Mall:

We had this really cute, FLAMING GAY waiter who I fell in love with. He was middle aged, and very nice. Mind you, I was the only one who was of age to drink. Amber ordered a drink, and he did not check her ID. He even said, "I am pretty sure none of you are of age, but you can order whatever you like" which, is very flattering, kind of. There were a lot of kids dressed up because it was Homecoming or something, so maybe he just thought we were losers and couldnt get dates so we went out by ourselves. If that were the case, he was offering us an option to forget our troubles!

After dinner we decided it would be a FABULOUS idea to go take pictures. The only thing that none of us realized was that it was COLD outside! AND it started snowing! So, we were walking around, looking highly cute, but also highly cold! At one point we ducked into Tilt, which has a bunch of video games. We were taking random pictures, and did a photo booth picture thing, cause that is fun, and we were playing on the Dance Dance Revolution game. Then, this very homeless, very toothless, very drunk/high/crazy guy came up to us and said "well hello pretty ladies!" and kind of stumbled "how are you tonight" and was all trying to be close to me. I threw up my arms and was like "IM OUT" and walked away. It was SLIGHTLY freaky. Luckily, he left shortly after that so we were able to leave the store. This is LeAnn and I racing

After that we left Tilt, and it was snowing!

We decided that we were Hollister models, so we took a pic outside Hollister, and had security following us for a while. That was fun:

All in all, it was a fun night. We met some funny Idaho boys who thought it was funny to talk in british accents, and I was like you are not British silly boys! And they were like, no we are from Idaho. It was funny. I have kind of been obsessed with videos and pictures lately, so I also took a girls night video, you are welcome to watch it:

I swear I dont have a lisp, I was just really freaking cold!

Not thrilled about the snow, but it was fun none the less!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So, the kids are in bed because it has been a long day for them. They apparently went to a bounce house and had a grand old time! All three of them crashed almost as soon as we walked in the door tonight. Anyway, long story short, I was going through some old pictures, and thought I would post some! Yay!!

A couple of years ago, well it must have been about three, "the ex" had a family wedding in California. We were able to go, but it was formal, so I bought Severian the CUTEST blue seersucker suit. It is my very favorite outfit that he has ever owned. See below:

This is another picture of him in the suit, and it is really funny because he looks A LOT like Kat. I was surprised when I pulled it up because I have always thought that Kat looks like Ender

I think this is great because I had forgotten how thin Severian's hair was. He was just like Katalina on that end, and this made me happy because there is hope for my baby girl! She will get hair!

This is Ender when he was about Kats age:

And then here is a pic of Katlina just after she was born...here is the part where you go "awwwww" and sigh because she is so freaking cute:

So, those are my "Nostalgic" pictures. Fun eh?

Well, that is it.....Except for this....because it is amazing...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ok, it is FAR to late for me to be blogging, especially considering that I have to work in the morning. However. I can not fall asleep, and so I am blogging. So much for being responsible...

COOKIE NIGHT was tonight. No one showed up really. Which ONLY means MORE for those who did, YAY! It was actually really fun. Ryley and Phil came over. And Phils Sister. Who, for the purposes of this blog, will be named Phils Sister. Severian and Ender both helped me to make the cookies, however, Severian dumped all the chocolate chips into the mix before Ender could help. Ender is not my most...patient...child, so this made him very mad. I have included a visual below:

It was QUITE traumatic. However, I rescued the situation by letting Ender "help" me spoon the cookies onto the baking sheet. He actually was really cute and held the second spoon while I scraped the batter onto the cookie sheet.

After about three cookies, which took 10 minutes to spoon onto the cookie sheet, I asked Ender if he could go play nicely. He nodded yes and padded off to go annoy his brother. Here is a picture of the batter, before the chocolate chips were stirred in:

And here is the finished product, hot out of the oven:

and VOILA! Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. WEWT! Now, I know you all want the recipe, so I have included it:

Preheat Oven to 375 Degrees

In one bowl mix:

1/2 C Shortening
3 C Sugar
2 Eggs
2 C Pumpkin (NOT pie mix, the can will say Pumpkin on it only)
2 tsp Vanilla

In a second bowl mix:

5 C Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp nutmeg

Slowly add the second bowl to the first bowl as you mix. Then add a bag of chocolate chips. Bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes (I did 13 minutes for mine)

They are really good cookies, and they are highly festive, and who doesn't like to be festive!? ENJOY!!!! More soon...but now...I really must sleep...MUCHLUF to everyone :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Candy and Sleeping Babies

So, I got myself a peanut butter cup and sat down to blog. Two of my three children are asleep, and I thought to myself "Hey, this is as good a time as ever to blog, Ender can jump on my bed, and I may get to eat a piece of candy" So, I sit down and bring up the internet, and reach for my peanut butter cup. It was gone! I kind of looked around my chair thinking that maybe I just dropped it. Nope, gone, totally gone. Then...I noticed that Ender was ALSO gone. I went out to find my missing child, and lo and behold, he was behind my table eating my chocolate. This is a picture of the massacre:

It was probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen. And I see a lot of cute things every day.

In other news it has been a very busy week or so for us! As I mentioned in previous blogs, the kids started daycare. Well...I started my new job last Monday. Mind you, it has only been five days, BUT, I am enjoying it thus far. There is a whole lot to learn though, and their main system is DOS...wtf...DOS. AND if you try to key in a non-keyable field in this system, you get an angry man. It is a little stick figure man that I kid you not waves his arms and flashes at you. In this day of convenience I feel as though I should be able to key in ANY field and NOT get a computer dude yelling at me. Alas, this is not generally the case. I get angry man so much that I have named him Fred. I am pretty sure that he is in love with me, and we will be planning our engagement any day now. I feel it. Other than angry stick figure Fred, the system is a little confusing, but I think that I am getting it. I dont have to take calls for another week...so...that is good.

Another thing about my job is that I am a total dork. In situations where I am nervous, as most of you know, I tend to get more boisterous than I already am. I know your thinking "What?! MORE boisterous? noway!" yaway, I seriously become wierd. So, I am all sorts of self concious because I am nervous. So, everyone thinks I am completely crazy. Especially when I respond to questions with "Actually, I am lieing for attention". They look at me like wtf? for reals? Then I nervously giggle and say "so, ebola huh? heard its a GREAT diet!" ....I am so way lame....

So...last night I put my babies to bed, and for about thirty minutes or so I heard playing coming from the bedroom. This is not unusual for my babies, and they start to settle down pretty quickly in the evenings because we get up so early now. Well, at about nine thirty everything settled down to the point where I figured I could go in and check on them without waking them up. This is what I found...

The kids had totally gotten out all their toys, played with them, and then completely crashed on the floor. I managed to move Severian up to his bed, but Ender was adamant about sleeping on the floor! He cried every time I tried to move him up to the bed, and then climbed back down to the floor...finally I just made him a little bed on the floor and let him sleep there. When I woke him up the next morning he had climbed on the bed, but it sure was funny!

It has been a crazy crazy and busy busy week. Severian is no closer to being completely potty trained and that is really frustrating me. I know that he WANTS to be, but he is afraid of the toilet. Frankly I am too. I mean, come on, gross! I am hoping that the peer pressure will win over and he will be suddenly trained!

That is about it for our week! more to come soon I am sure!!! <3