Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

For those of you who are not on my facebook page, I am sure you are DYING to see the Halloween pictures of the babies. Well, lest I disappoint, I am going to post them. I know that I did my blogs a little out of order, as it has been almost two weeks since Halloween, but, the pictures are cute.

Most of the blog will just be pictures, but I will give you a little set up. Ender went as a cowboy, Severian went as Optimous prime, Katalina went as a Pumpkin Fairy, and I went as a witch, as per Severian's instructions. Ender has already decided what we are going as next year as well. He is going as a Lion ("rawr, Mom, me scare you? Me eat you! rawr!). Severian is going as a ghost, Katalina is going as a princess, and I am apparently going as the wind. And, seeing that sentence, maybe I will go as a character from Gone With The Wind. That would be fun.

Anywho, without further ado, here are the pictures!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello friends! Most of you who are on my Facebook know that I went to go see So You Think You Can Dance. Most of you also know that I was super excited about seeing the show for one reason. Evan Kasprzak. While watching the show I totally fell for him, for a myriad of reasons. A singing, dancing Broadway boy who wears suspenders and glasses? What? Can you BE anymore my type? Pretty sure not. Anyway, it was a really amazing show. I had found out through the grapevine that the dancers do "Meet and Greets" after the show, if you know where to go. (Look at me I'm rhyming). Despite numerous security guards and ushers that swore up and down that they did not do meet and greets for normal people, Ryley and I found out where to go, along with about another 50 people. Because it was so cold outside, and because there were so few people, we were lucky enough to get to go backstage. Yes that is right. BACKSTAGE. At first I thought we were just going to have to stand against the wall inside and hope for the best, but then, wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles, we actually got the whole "backstage" experience. Ry and I managed to meet just about everyone, including, yes that's right. Evan Kasprzak. Well, here is the video:

I didn't video a lot of the Evan experience, because I didn't want to be messing around with the camera. However, I will tell you what happened. I took a picture with him, and then Ry and I went around to everyone else and got pictures and autographs. THEN, before we left, I thought to myself "Why the hellz not?" and I went up to Evan (who looked a little lonely by the way, everyone wanted to see Randi) and I was like "Um. Can I have a hug?" and he said "Sure!" And he totally gave me a hug. So, then we chatted for a minute, and I may have given him a business card for the Bar with my number on the back... and then I shook his hand and, yes that's right folks, I GOT ANOTHER HUG. That is TWO, count'em TWO hugs that I got. From who? Oh yeah, Evan Kasprzak. Here is picture proof:

Cute are we not? I think so. We also met Brandon, Ade, Janette, Jason, Kupono, Melissa, etc, etc. It was really, really neat, and something that I am glad I splurged on. Although, I did feel a little like a 16 year old fan girl. But, you know, we all have our moments. Here are some more pictures of the night:

So yes, all in all, very fun night. Oh wait, what is that? Oh, oh you want to see the picture of me and Evan again? Oh, alright, but only for you guys!

Might I add that I was wearing gray argyle tights (not pictured). Notice how Evan was wearing a gray argyle sweater. Just sayin...just sayin...

Also, I apologize that I did not do a Halloween blog. My camcorder was out of batteries and I was unfortunate enough to discover this fact on Halloween night. I have plenty of pictures, but, seeing how I did not post them, I don't know if it will happen, and next week is Ender's birthday. I will try to get the Halloween pictures up later this week for everyone though! Promise.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Fairground Left Town but the Circus Stayed In

I know I haven't actually posted a blog in a few weeks, but don't you worry, I have been diligently recording the things that the babies and I go do! Two things that we have done relatively recently is go to the Utah State Fair (yeah, so what that it was a month ago, shut it!), and the Circus. Since I haven't posted in awhile, I am just going to include both the videos in here, as I feel that will make it much easier.

The first video is the video of the fair. It was very hot that day, and I had not dressed the babies appropriately, as it had been cold weather up to that point. Also, going to the fair was rather spur of the moment, and I had to work that evening, so we left as soon as they had gotten home from Ian's that Saturday. Since everything was happening very quickly, I had barely remembered to bring the video camera, and I didn't remember to have the babies say goodbye in the video like I like to do. So really it is just a montage of what we did. It includes the big slide, the farm thing where the kids can do all the "farm jobs", and the pony ride :)

The second video is the Circus. The Circus was also rather spur of the moment as Sev was at his dance lesson when the teacher asked who was going to the circus. Everyone raised their hands except Severian. While he could deal with that kind of humiliation, I could not, so, I bought tickets that night, and we went to the circus the next day. I did a pretty good job of the video, so it is rather self explanatory.

As a side note, there is maybe only one person who will read this blog that will understand the title, but let me assure you, it is amazing. Although it would have been a lot neater if I had blogged about the Fair in a separate post, then did the circus.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am a Rock Star

Hello everyone!

So, most of you probably know that I had the opportunity to be on Good Things Utah last week. I was super excited about it, and so, I made a blog about it. You know, as you do. So, anyway, here is my vlog:

You can also see my TV debut here

Monday, September 7, 2009

Vlogging and Such

Hello everyone!

Alright, alright, I know I haven't blogged since April. Sorry about that. It has been super hard to find time to blog because Summer has been so busy. Plus, sitting and actually typing things out, and uploading pictures seems to take a lot of time. Anyway, I have decided to try something new. I am going to try to VLOG! Yes, that is right, it is a Video Blog. Last year for Christmas my Mom got me a little Flip Camera, and I love it. It is super easy to upload videos to Youtube and it is super easy to edit and everything. So, what I think I am going to do is go ahead and post my vlogs on the blog, so that anyone who wants to can watch them. I hope that they are at least mildly entertaining. We shall see. You will at least be able to see all the silly things my kids do.

You can also see them all at .

So, the first part is kinda boring. Sorry about that, I'll get better. Promise. :)

That is all. Muchluf.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Butterflies and Flower

Well folks, I finally did it. Some of you who are close to me know that, for a while, I have been wanting to get a tattoo. I mostly haven't for a number of different reasons, the top one being that I was TERRIFIED of the pain involved. It didn't bother me that this would be something that was on my body for the rest of my life, oh no, it was definitely the pain.

All last week I was pondering going and getting one. I recently got my tax return, and since Disneyland is paid for already, I had a little bit of extra money to spend. The tattoo was something that I had wanted, and I felt in a rather dangerous mood. So, all week I was talking to Ryley and telling her that I wanted to go get one, since I knew she would go with me. I was also trying to prep Duane, because he was adamantly against me getting one.

Friday rolled around, and I decided that I did definitely want to try to go get one. Try being the key word there. Anyways, Ryley and I hung out most of the day, and around 7pm we made it down to Lost Art, which is a really great Tattoo parlor in downtown Salt Lake City. I was very nervous about the whole thing, and was totally shaking the whole time I was signing the permission form and everything. However, they got me the only girl artist in the shop, and she was very nice to me. She even did just a little line at first to make sure I could handle the pain.

Obviously, it did hurt. I am not going to sit here and tell you that tattoo's feel like someone is tickling your back with a feather. However, it did not hurt as much as I expected, nor did the pain feel as I expected it too. It felt kind of like stinging or burning. At one point though, I was able to calm myself by singing Into the Woods in my head, and I could barely feel it. All in all, the whole experience took about 20 minutes.

And without further ado, here is the best picture I was able to get. The tattoo is on the small of my back, and would, informally, be called a Tramp Stamp. :)

The pink butterfly is for Katalina, the blue one is for Severian and the green one is for Ender. The flower represents me. There is also room to add a fourth butterfly if I were to ever have another baby. It was very special for me to get it, and Duane really likes it, despite his initial hesitation.

On a completely different note, Duane and I just spent 45 minutes watching scenes from musicals and discussing our top five Broadway shows. Let me express how much I love him.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yeah, it's been awhile

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. I have been way busy for the last little bit, and for a while I did not have teh internetz. Here is a quick summary of events over the past month and a half:

1. I moved out of my apartment and in with my parents. While a little cramped this works better for everyone involved as it allows me to stay home with the babies. They have been much happier with me home, and they love having Grandma and Grandpa with them all the time. Also, they love the five dogs that come with the house!

2. I went to New Jersey over my Birthday. This trip was very fun, and I got to meet his parents. I also got to see my cousins new baby girl! She is beautiful, I would post a picture but I do not have any pictures from that trip on this computer. Plus I had this wierd eye thing going on cause I fell asleep in my contacts. no one wants to see that. Also, Duane got me a very pretty necklace for my birthday. He is such a good boyfriend.

3. Duane came here and met my family and babies! It was a great trip. My family loved him, and so did my babies, and he loved them. It was way cute too because he bought some workbooks for Severian and woke up with him every morning and did the workbooks with him so that Sev could get ready for Kindergarten. I am working with Sev now, but Severian loved that time that he got to spend with Duane. Katalina also claimed him as one of her many minions and Ender regarded him as Ender regards everyone, by pretending he didn't exist. That is, of course, until Duane left at the airport. Ender got very stressed when he left, and insisted on standing at the end of the security line until we could not see Duane anymore. Here are a few pictures of us from that trip:

4. Severian started baseball! This is a very cute activity for him, even though he does not have one baseball bone in his body. He has done some very funny things in the two games he has had. However, I think the best thing he has done is after not hitting the ball he spins a pirouette before he is ready to try again. It is machine pitch, so they get five tries before they hit off of a tee. He will only spin once UNTIL his fifth try, then, when he misses the fifth one (which, he generally does) he spins multiple times away from the home base. It is actually hilarious. He also told me the other day that he wants to be a ballerina. I am not really surprised. Here are some pictures from Sevs baseball:

His team is the Cubs, and I have more pictures of him in his jersey, but they are on my brand new digital camera (yay for tax returns!) I just took the pictures yesterday and haven't uploaded them to this computer, so, as soon as I do, I will post them.

5. WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND! May 6th through the 12th. Rock on. Again, yay for tax returns! WEWT!

Again, sorry to have taken such a long break. I promise that I will be better about posting from now on, I just had to get settled in to the new swing of things in the new house.


Friday, February 27, 2009

I am to Crochet what Yoda is to the Force...or something....

So about two weeks ago my Aunt was in town to see my Grandparents. This was a lot of fun because I love to see my Aunt. I went over to my Grandparents house at one point, and she was making a baby blanket, because my cousin Tracy is having a baby in like, oh, like right now. So anyways, she was making this blanket and I said to myself " I want to learn to crochet!" My Auntie Ann, being awesome, bought me a crochet book that came with hooks, and some yarn so that I could learn how to do it myself. However, I am the type of person that needs to be able to see it visually too so that I know I am doing it correctly.

When I got to a stitch that I needed some clarification on, I thought to myself "hmm..I wonder if there is somewhere I could see this stitch so that I can see how to do it properly..." ENTER YOUTUBE. First, let me just say that I love youtube. There are so many things on there that are not only awesome, they teach you something too. I found a whole youtube channel devoted to crochet! AMAZING HUH?!

So my friends, if YOU would like to be just as awesome as ME, then point your little clickers on this link here:

That is the youtube channel. You can learn all the beginning stitches there, and also learn how to do squares for blankets and hats and such. You can also go to the gals blog here:

And there is a lot more stuff that you can sort through. It really is very awesome. And now, I know how to crochet! WEWT!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

So on Saturday I took the kids to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. I went with my ex-inlaws, Nancy, Colby and Dawn. This excursion was a whole lot of fun. We met up with a friend of Dawn's and her son. The little boy that came with us was also 5 so Sev had a little friend to play with. I had also done Katalina's hair all sorts of cute that day, so I was very excited about life.

When we first got there Severian and Ender were very scared of the big dinosaurs. For the first half of the day Ender refused to be put down. Of course, he looked around and chose the biggest and strongest of all of us, Colby. He stayed with Colby all through the museum until we got to the parts that were interactive.

The Dinosaur Museum is a really good place to take kids to. There was a water "erosion" table, which is basically this big thing of chlorinated water and sand that the kids can build things in and watch how the water "erodes" the sand. There are all sorts of toys in the table to play with, like little dinosaurs and trees. Severian actually made a Dinosaur swimming pool, complete with tropical trees!

There was also a place where the kids could color, and "Build a dinosaur", which is basically where you stick big stuffed legs and heads to a velcro body. This would have been cool, except the velcro was all worn out on the body, so nothing stuck. The kids still had fun coloring and playing with the puzzles though:

They also had little excavation pits for the kids to "uncover" dinosaur bones in:

And a cave that Severian and I climbed into:

It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly, not very expensive. The kids had a blast, and it was highly interactive for them. Even Katalina had a good time!

On a side note, I think Severian and I may have contracted Ebola from the erosion table, cause the next day, we were both very sick with the stomach flu. So, if you are able to steer away from that area without having the little ones play, I would suggest walking past it. Although it smelled strongly of Chlorine, and although we washed our hands thoroughly, I am still pretty sure we contracted baby Ebola from the water. It was NOT good times. I'm just sayin....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Sev-Ism

Today I went shopping after work. Mind you, this means that we go a little later, and we didn't even get to WalMart until about 7 in the PM. Shopping only took about 45 minutes cause I had my Mom with me to help, but at the end of the night, this is what Severian looked like:

He was so tired that he had fallen asleep in the shopping cart! So freaking cute!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Which way the wind will blow....

Here it is! The blog I am sure so many of you have been waiting for! This may seem like quite the conceited statement, however, I have already been asked about this blog like three times, sooooooooooo I know it is true :)

So I went to New Jersey to see Duane, and it was amazing. I got in on Friday night right on time, and he was standing, looking very handsome I might add, at the bottom of the escalator. I ran over to him and gave him big hugs and kisses, and then we got my baggage and went back to his house to drop everything off. We then went to dinner with his friends Janet and Josh. They were very nice, and it was a good evening. This is us that first night:

The next day was the day that he had been planning for a while. That was our New York day. He took me to New York, where I have never been, and took me to see Mamma Mia. He also took me out to a very nice dinner in the city. We took the train from New Jersey to New York. Here are some pictures at the train station:

We took the train from New Jersey into New York, which was actually very fun. I really like trains, and it was fun to see different parts of New Jersey. It was also very neat to ride into Pennsylvania Station. You ride through the tunnel for about 5 minutes, and then it opens up, and you look up out of your window and see the huge buildings of the city. It is almost like a movie set. They only give you that brief second of a preview though because then you are underneath the ground while the train parks. We got out, and went up into New York.

Being in the city was quite surreal to me. Most of the time it felt like I was on the back lot of some film studio. It was freezing in the city, but it was really neat how we could walk anywhere. Pennsylvania Station is on 7th Avenue, and you just keep walking up the street, and you find Broadway. Mind you, most of you know me to be quite the little Broadway girl, so to actually see the sign that said "Broadway", my heart stopped just a little bit. I was in Lindsay Heaven. In New York, on Broadway, with a wonderful man. Yep. Lindsay Heaven.

Anyways, Duane took me to see Mamma Mia at the Winter Garden Theater. Which is also the theater where Cats played for so long:

The play was really fun and really cute. It was wonderful to see an actual Broadway production as the quality of everything was really fabulous. And it was such a cute, fun and light show. It was perfect, and my baby had gotten us fabulous seats.

After the show, he took me out to a real New York dinner! It was at a little French restaurant just North of the theater called Maison. We got three courses, and all of them were very good. I got a little Pizette, which is like a little pizza, roasted chicken, and then a Chocolate Souffle. The dessert looked so scrumptious that I took a picture of it:

After dinner we had to walk back to Penn Station to catch our train back to New Jersey. It was beautiful to walk through the city at night, although it was utterly and bitterly freezing. We thought about taking the subway, but I hadn't gotten a picture of Times Square when we passed through it in the morning, and I wanted to see it all lit up at night, so we braved the freezing temperatures. Here are the pictures:

What I haven't yet told you is that I have a little bit of city anxiety. And, by a little, I actually mean quite a bit. It was so cute cause Duane took care of me to calm my fears in this respect, but as we were walking back to the train station, after Times Square, there were two corners where we had to walk through two huge groups of black Islamists. The first corner we walked through the group and the preacher dude that was speaking said "These white people, they don't know what we're talking about, they don't understand" I was like OMG! THEN on the NEXT corner there was some chick who looked to be like a masters student or something ARGUING WITH THEM! I was pretty sure someone was going to get shot. No one did though, so that is good. We got to Penn Station and had a little while before our train. We started to wander around but at that point my anxiety got the better of me, and we had to go back to the part of the station where I was familiar with. Poor Duane with poor anxiety attack Lindsay. But, he was so sweet about it and hugged me and held me until the nerves had passed.

The train ride is about an hour each way, so because we were looking so cute, I decided to take a bunch of pictures of us. I am going to post them cause they are so cute:

The next day was a pretty lazy day. We hung out for a while, and went to brunch, which was really good. We went over to his sister Tammy's house, and I got to meet her and her boyfriend. They were very nice, although both a little under the weather I think, so that was too bad. Tammy has just gotten a cute little puggle puppy. Which is a mix between a beagle and a pug. As I am blogging this I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of the puppy cause he was so cute. But, alas, another time. After that we went back home and I got to see a lot of old videos of Duane's. He was in drum and bugle corp in high school, which is like an amazing marching band which tours the country over the summer, so he showed me a video of that. And, I got to see some of his college piano recitals that he had been in. They were all very awesome.

The next day was sad because it was Monday, and I was leaving. :( I didn't leave until late afternoon, so we did get a lot of the day together. Duane was able to show me the music from the children's musical he had written, which was very good. He also played the accordion for me! I added the clip below:

Duane has quite the extensive instrument collection. All of which he can play very well. I took a picture of his string instruments which hang on his wall:

They are all named, from the left it is Mandy, Bassy, Banji, Lecty, and Cousty. And his accordion is Courdy:

I also took more pictures of us. And yes. I am that girl that takes pictures of me and my baby kissing, and then I POST THEM. Deal with it.

Duane is amazing. He is kind, sweet, handsome, funny, smart, and more talented than I knew. I had such a wonderful time with him and I miss him very much already. He is more wonderful than I think he knows, and one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I am very lucky to have him in my life, and I appreciate him every single day. No matter what he can make my day brighter. The trip was great, and he is great. And I love him.

The end of this blog. There will be more I am sure. We are way cute though amirite? :D